Cryogenic compressed air to store energy

Higher efficiency, higher mobility

Our proprietary thermochemical process uses Temperature Swing Adsorption and direct-contact heat exchange to liquify and cryogenically store air discharged by a single-stage compressor.

When the system needs energy, the process vaporizes the liquid air before passing through a turbo-expander to generate electricity.

Our process works more efficiently by operating in a more favorable thermodynamic range.


Our full services grid storage solution

Cryostone’s solution provides many benefits relative to other energy storage technologies

Lower installed and levelized costs vs. all other technologies

85-90% thermal efficiency and at least 60% Round-Trip Efficiency

No capacity degradation over time, if cycled at least weekly

No performance degradation in high-cycling operations

No special expertise needed to maintain the system

Commercial off-the-shelf components, which can be 100% Made in America

No geological siting constraints

Modular and scalable

Our mission

To deliver the highest value energy storage solutions with the lowest lifecycle environmental impact.