Envision an Electric Grid that Provides:

Carbon neutrality.

Reliability and Resiliency.

Energy independence and Security.

Energy Equity.

Lower Cost.


Cryostone’s Energy storage system delivers all of these


Scenic view of power lines

Air compressor


Cost Reduction Graphj

Based on Compressed Air Energy Storage Because:

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Storage Grand Challenge showed that conventional Compressed Air Energy Storage has lower installed cost and Levelized Cost of Energy vs. all other technologies – including Lithium-Ion batteries – over any storage duration.

Cryogenic compressed air can be stored in vacuum insulated pressure vessels, which eliminates conventional CAES’ need for suitable geological formations to store air.



Cost Metric Duration
(100 MW)
Lithium-Ion Batteries Conventional CAES CAES’ Advantage
Installed Cost ($/kw) 4 hours 1,541 1,168 24%
10 hours 3,565 1,094 69%
LCOE ($/MWH) 4 hours 361 172 52%
10 hours 336 104 69%