Use Cases

Cryostone’s solution is particularly well suited for both Solar + Storage and Remote Grid applications.

Grid forming and high cycling

Transforming Electricity Storage

Solar + Storage

Pair Cryostone’s L-CAES with solar for diurnal storage

Can integrate either DC-to-DC or AC-to-AC

Charge storage system during curtailment

Dispatchable discharge when not curtailed

Remote Grid

Pair Cryostone’s L-CAES with existing diesel generators in remote villages or island communities with multiple generators

Can adapt one diesel generator to provide compression / expansion system needs

Charge storage system during low load periods

Discharge storage system during high load periods

Allows remaining diesel engines to run at Maximum Efficiency Point to reduce diesel consumption


Envision and electric grid that provides

Cryostone’s Energy storage system delivers all of these

Carbon Neutrality

Reliability and resiliency

Energy independence and security

Energy equity

Lower cost